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Individual Academic Internships in Hessen for Students from Queensland

We invite you to undertake an individual academic internship in the State of Hessen!

We support students from Queensland universities who wish to work abroad in a host organisation in the State of Hessen in the framework of the Hessen-Queensland Program.
Do not hesitate to contact the team of the Coordination and Contact Point Hessen Networks! for any questions.

Before your internship - Closing date for application and application documents:

There are two closing dates for each year:

1st of November – for internships between the 1st of May until the 31st of October of the
following year.
1st of May – for internships between the 1st of November and the 30th of April.

Exceptions to the application deadlines are possible. However application documents should be submitted six months before the internship starts. Please contact in case Katja Mruk (please see contact below).

The application documents should include:

  1. Application Form (word or in pdf)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (according to European Standard), please fill out in German and English
  3. Letter of Motivation: Guidelines to write this Letter of Motivation available in German (word or in pdf) and in English (word or in pdf), please fill out in German and English
  4. a current Enrollment Certification - has to cover the whole internship period
  5. German Language Certificate (word or in pdf); it has to be completed by a German language teacher
  6. Financial Statement (word or in pdf)

Please submit your application documents to the coordinating university in Queensland, University of the Sunshine Coast.

After your application, your documents will be forwarded to the Coordination and Contact Point Hessen Networks!. They are looking for a possible internship place. After the student's decided to take the internship place, Hessen Networks! will arrange accommodation and will apply for the release of the work permit of the students.

Entry Documents and Formalities

  1. Students from Australia can travel to Germany without a visa
  2. After the arrival students have to go the "immigration office" to get a residence permit. Students have to bring the following documents:
    • the release from the work permit, which they get from Hessen Networks!
    • registration card of the city
    • tenancy agreement
    • passport
    • financial statement (about 585 €)

Please notify:
If you are accepted for the program you will need to send us an enrollment certification which covers the whole internship period.

After your internship - Please fill out the following documents and hand it in to the Coordination and Contact Point Hessen Networks!

  1. experience report (word or in pdf)
  2. declaration concerning use of data (word or in pdf)

Coordination and Contact Point Hessen Networks!
Katja Mruk

Am Alten Schlachthof 4
36037 Fulda

Tel.: +49 (0) 661 2504021
Fax: +49 (0) 661 2504012


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